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101st Airborne Division Clan® -Authentic Military Tactics At All Times http://www.101stAir.com We are an EA Games™ -Battlefield2® series, internationally competitive gaming clan who accurately emulate the US Armed Forces in all relevant tactical combat areas in order to optimize our combat readiness on the Field of Battle. Tactical superiority is used for purposes of realism, efficiency, and competition in our command. Our highly trained teams of tactically thinking civilian, military, and ex-military personnel are commanded by experienced leaders in the realism community. Our "boots on the ground" and their various supporting unit elements are who achieve the highest level of excellence and honor on the battlefield. Due to our active interest in being an “Extreme Realism Authentic Military Tactics Only” clan, we observe the strict discipline of military conduct and adhere to a "By the Book" approach to the chain of command within our forces. The 101st Airborne Division Clan®(a.k.a. 101st Air™), and extended affiliates feel these procedures are mission critical and we have found this type of realism and game play to be the most efficient virtual combat there is while also being the closest thing to an online strike force you will find on the internet. We are also a community of realism enthusiasts who are interested in learning and putting into practice the correct use of precise military tactics and combat engineering to achieve a sound Strategy, specialized use of weapons-delivery systems, and a coordinated battle plan. All this has the benefit of being able to depend on your team to do their specific military operational specialties. Our dedication to this awareness can do nothing less than achieve the same results the REAL troops achieve in real world combat. Join the 101st Airborne Division Clan for the best experience playing the Battlefield2 modded games. BE ADVISED!! We will not be able to respond to this thread so if your interested then please apply on our forums at our website 101st Airborne Division Clan® | Battlefield 2 Authentic Military Tactics Realism Clan | © 2008 101st Airborne Division Clan -101stAirborneDivisionClan.com, 101stAir.com All Rights Reserved. **All EA Games and Battlefield related trademarks are the property of Electronic Arts Inc. ©2004 All Rights Reserved fh101bannerze9.jpg