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I didn't make it!

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#21 11 years ago

Yeah it works I'll sign up later, so you guys just take any one as foot soldiers right?

130th Erich

from 130th

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23rd February 2005

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#22 11 years ago

What happend to our other thread? Sorry i dont come here very often.


join the 130th Panzer Division.

We have tons of members from all over Earth.

We scrim often with inter clan scrims as well.

must be 15 or older must have a mic must get msn messanger

Go to 130th Panzer Lehr Division and post in the join section.

We are the dopest most chillest clan with crazy ass people who are really good at this game.


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26th December 2003

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#23 11 years ago

Stop making shit recruitment posts :P


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1st July 2004

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#24 11 years ago

Merged with old thread.