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14th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

hi =|27th|= Sergeant Hawk here its been ages since i did my other clan topics but that was like ages ago a long time ago infacted anyway...... the 27th lancers is recruiting fellow players who like to play these mods.... Desert Combat and ForgottenHope i have been playing FH and DC for along time now but we have hardly got any members for our clan its just me and my friend you see and theres this other guy who is joining and well erm...we need members desperatley my friend is building our clan a website and is also trying to get some servers together for our clan anyway this time im not going to change our clan name like the other clan topics i did lol anyway our clan website will be done in a few weeks or so or maybe a couple of months hopefully it will be done before christmas.... join now and contact me at this email address on msn: [email="leekent16@hotmail.com"]leekent16@hotmail.com[/email] 27th needs you!!! :deal: