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#1 14 years ago

The Australian Expeditionary Forces (AEF) and Oceanic Gaming Network (OGN) want YOU! The AEF in conjunction with OGN are hosting a Gentlemen’s Forgotten Hope Ladder. With the release of Forgotten Hope 0.67 release we are in full gear getting people into our ladder competition. We have two fully dedicated servers for Forgotten Hope 0.67 and we are committed to providing the best possible service to all participants in our ladder. One of our servers is reserved for the ladder competition and the other is for public use. Our server box is completely state of the art and running off of a 100mbit connection. Exact specifications for our server box can be found Here. We are looking for any team in search of a fun filled, gaming experience in Forgotten Hope. We will be providing free copies of Forgotten Hope 0.67 to all people interested in playing it in the oceanic region. If you would like free Forgotten Hope CDs click Here. You can register for our ladder Here. The OGN page can be accessed Here. Our server information is as follows: AEF/OGN FH New Map Server: Current Map Rotation: 1941 - Invasion of the Philippines 1941 - Rheinuebung 1942 - El Alamein 1942 - Dersert Rose 1942 - Guadalcanal 1942 - Battle of Stalingrad 1942 - Tobruk 1943 - Kharkov Outskirts 1943 - Kasserine Pass 1943 - Prokhorovka 1944 - Battle of Foy 1944 - Meuse River Line 1945 - Seelow Heights AEF/OGN look forward to the commencement of our ladder competition and we would like to thank all of those who have made this possible and also all of those who will be participating in the ladder competition


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#2 14 years ago

This is a top notch server. Thanks AEF for a great game on Seelow Hieghts on Sunday night it was awsome fun!:D