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27th August 2007

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[COLOR=darkred]I am currently looking for mature members, preferablly 16+ to assist with an "Opfor Unit" for my Alpha Co, which is our dedicated 1942:FH unit. The purpose of this unit is to provide A Co with a highly trained Axis team that will help not only sharpen their abilities, but also open themselves up for scrims against other units. Beneficial to both sides of the spectrum.[/COLOR] I am beginning to setup a program where A Co will have a dedicated "Axis" team that trains and fights in the German, Japanese, Etc units. Be it naval, aviation, armor, etc. This unit will wear ranks of that country. I need the following positions: Platoon Leader (2nd Lieutenant): *20+ Yrs of age *Must have at least 8 months time in Forgotten Hope *Can put in at least 6 to 10 hours a week to the platoon *Not afraid to learn and take instruction Platoon Sergeant (Sergeant First Class): *18+ Yrs of age *Must also have a min of 8 months time in FH *Able to manage a mailing list/roster *Not afraid to discipline troops in a realism unit Platoon Members (x4, Various Ranks): *16+ Yrs of age *Familiar with FH, have it installed. *Able to follow orders and take instruction Since these positions are not part of our regular recruiting process, any applicants need to contact me directly. I use XFire as our commo tool. So if you don't have it, get it at and add the ID: SGTJADEN. Benefits: *Military Realism Unit. All staff members Captain and up are prior service or current active service. *Unit that has 4+yrs time in gaming. *In 4 dedicated gaming servers. NOTE: The Plt Ldr and Plt Sgt positions will require the attendance of the Officer Candidate School and ANCOC (Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School), which I personally conduct. They teach you basic and advanced leadership skills found in the current U.S. Military. These positions will not last long so if you want a shot to be someone different, contact me ASAP!!