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8th July 2005

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#1 13 years ago

hello guys my site is, i want to make it a bf2 fan site same as other website but with new ideas way for presntation the bf2 contnets right now we are using the name temporary and planning to buy new domain name which should be more general such as i am now working alone ...looking for news and things by myself ..alone mean me only no one else helping i am looking for guys who can help this free (non profit) website and to make more things day by day for battelfield players around the world my other problem is my english which as u see it s broken english ..i speak arabic as first language ..i am turkish-iraqi so anyone find that he can help i will be happy and he is welcome if got these things 1-like the idea 2-got time to put for free work or help 3-got good english 4-serious to help 5-if got few graphic and web skills will be great simply u can be a web editor .post news and manage small things... filefront links can be for downloads u chose the best files and link them ..filefront will not say anything because we will say the source/provided also we can make our new things such as new ladder or skrimish center ...we just need idea and efforts my website is, we now want to know what name we can use for the website as new domain name ... btw ..this s not spam.. this s not adds ...this s just a spamadd together ohh no i am kidding ..i just need to get ppl to help me and i am not spaming them,i never posted something like this before on forums thanks