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22nd August 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Obviously, I'm using the template from a few threads down.

Alias: The Fuzz/Fuzzeh!/naturalist/Radagast Nationality: American Timezone: Central Stantard US (CST) Age: 19 Microphone?: Yes Teamspeak?: Ye Ventrillo?: Yes Windows Live (MSN): Yes Yahoo Messenger: Nooo Xfire: Yes

About Me: I'm a friendly guy, talkative and I don't cause conflicts, but can deal with them well if they arise.

Time spent in Forgotten Hope: I think about a year and change. Average amount of time spent playing weekly: Depends....lately it's every waking hour (as long as my ping is acting up). Skills, self based;

Infantry I'm very skilled with a rifle, and good with AT. Can make do with a SMG but prefer not to.

Pilot Don't look to me in a match, but in pubs I enjoy a bit of flying. I can shoot the noobs down, at least. :lol:

Naval I feel I'm very strong with the naval side of FH. I don't like to drive the big ships, as I prefer defending them or hopping in a secondary gun. Good with AA, but I prefer MGs.

Armour & Land based Vehicles Transport, I'm good. Passable at tanking but I tend to leave that to others.

Static weaponry - Medium TO High - *Anti-Tank Guns - pretty good *Artillery - no *Anti-Aircraft Guns - medium

Deployable weaponry *Machine Guns - mmm love me my machine guns *Mortars - I can tk myself

Why I feel I would be a good candidate for your clan?: I'm an admin for the iiNet BF42 server, and through that I have gained a lot of valuable skills on the battlefield--I'm patient and tolerant yet firm when I have to be, and I'm responsible. And I've caught a few hackers! :D

I'm a fun guy and I like to think when I play I make the game more enjoyable for at least a few people. I'm chatty and don't mind some shens now and then, though I limit them to vanilla.

Previous Clans; No FH clans, though I have been with WaW for a year. I'm in two vanilla clans at the moment, -]NH[- Nighthawkes, and Bounty. Why I'm in two clans is a long story, but they are based on different sides of the globe--there is the short answer. :) Some of you may have heard of Oceanic Order |öö|, we formed for the most recent SoV tourney last spring, did very well, and I was an active member in that, writing strats and I led the team for a match. It was an honor to lead people that have been playing since the start!

What I'm looking for: A place to hang out. I'd like to be able to have a TS to hop on when I play and to help friends on the battlefield. Matches are a plus, but not necesary. As for realism, I don't really care but I think I'd prefer a clan that wasn't overly focused on realism.

In all honesty I feel stupid for posting this, but I don't know where to look for FH clans, and it gets lonely on those big servers...


I am also [130.Pz]Gef.Elche Pz

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6th December 2005

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#2 12 years ago

130th panzer is an awesome clan. You'll enjoy it a lot :). Check us out at and don't think it's overly realistic, because it's not haha, at all :).


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#3 12 years ago

The Lonestar Clan is new to the Battlefield Series and is looking to recruit some good men

Were in all BF games and most who have 1942 have FH

Lone Star Clan :cool: