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12th January 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hello There,

The DoC {Defiant Objective Clan} Is lookin For members That will be playing BF2, Forgotten Hope 2! Some other clans probly Are Askin, "What the Hell happend to us," Well my whole clan said, "forgget that Damn 1942, were goin to BF2, FH2!" I told them, "Ok!" Well any ways Here we are, Lookin for members! We are still a Small clan and our Server Holds 20 now :) ! We are lookin for people in all Skills and Teamwork! Please check out our Site, Im redoing it too.

www.officialbfclan.com [email="flubbermasta@hotmail.com"]flubbermasta@hotmail.com[/email] Teamspeak: {All are welcome to come in} Teamspeak Password: tbtb Tag: =DoC= Server ip: Defalt Port!


TY, =DoC=Flubber