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19th November 2004

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Western Europe 1944-45

June 6th 1944 - Operation Overlord, General Bernard Montgomery’s plan for the invasion of France. After nearly 2 years of planning the Allies were at last to set foot on Continental Europe in force.


Friends, this was the beginning of the end for the Third Reich. But for us it is just another beginning. Join us, choose a side and fight in a short, sharp campaign of six of the battles fought by the British Second Army against the Germans in Western Europe. This is not a clan based competition, you join a company, form a close knit team and fight with them through victory and defeat until the bitter end.


In your first battle, ether play as Allied landing on Gold Beach to fight your way inland or play as a German veteran and throw yourself at the mass of men and machines coming up from the beaches. As the war moves inland you will be confronted first with the Canadian efforts in the Liberation of Caen followed by Montgomery’s attempt to break the German front in Operation Goodwood. We then drop into Belgium for the bold stroke to seize the Rhine crossing at Arnhem as the English try to hang on until the Armour of XXX Corps arrives to clinch Operation Market Garden. And finally the crossing of the Rhine in the Breakthrough into the heart of Germany. These were Montgomery’s battles.

…And now they are ours!

Regos are open, please sign on now for:

Montgomery’s Battles - Europe 1944-45.


[COLOR=Black]Battle Order:[/COLOR] Gold Beach Liberation of Caen Operation Goodwood Arnhem Operation Market Garden Breakthrough

To register and join the fight click on the link below: Forgotten Honor Tournament - Best Forgotten Hope Tournament



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23rd March 2006

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#2 12 years ago

Note that this tournament is for the Australian Time zone players, it is played in their time zone on a ping friendly based server.