Leibstandarte SS is Recruting Australian And Newzealanders -1 reply

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7th October 2004

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#1 16 years ago

LEIBSTANDARTE SS IS RECRUTING AUSTRALIAN AND NEWZEALANDERS If you’re an Australian or New Zealander than LSS needs you! LSS FH clan is currently hoping to recruit 4 individuals for friendly scrims with other FH clans and the OGN ladder. We are an Australian based clan, with a historic WW2 Germanic clan, with 41 members. The clan does not use any Nazi material or support their ideologies in any way. LSS is currently seeking aproximatly 4 individuals. If you love FH and would love to play in large organised games with mates then LSS has a place for you. We practice twice a week and scrim once or twice a fortnight normally on Sundays. LSS uses a platoon structure in game to promote flexibility and teamwork with some basic rank structures to make sure that all game plans run well. We need people for the Luftwaffe (1 person), Artillerie (1 person) and, panzer (2 people). Extra people will be allowed in if they have the necessary attributes. These are: 1. Good sense of teamwork. 2. Willingness to listen to orders from team captain and squad leaders to achieve the team's objectives. 3. Willingness to learn. 4. Willingness to check forums on a regular basis and turn up to practices. If you are new to FH or unsure of your skill level we invite you to play with us, we are happy to train people new to FH, help them with pointers and help them get their skill level up. Our website is located at: http://lss.portalpower.com.au/ At our website you can post in the recruitment section . Or talk to our recruitment officer aeonflux_64@hotmail.com Or you can contact on msn: [email="matthew_988@hotmail.com"]matthew_988@hotmail.com[/email] the founder and leader of LSS. Sincerely Unteroffizier Guderian recruitment offizier. lssrec7uq.jpg