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23rd May 2004

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#11 12 years ago
Von Mudra;3908071Also, as a German WW2 reenactor, I've fought long and hard to prove the point that members of the Wehrmacht were not true Nazis. Sure maybe some were, but to be political was discouraged in the German army. The true Nazis were the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd SS, and in fact most SS divisions were foreign volunteers. To say that German's in WW2 were Nazis is quite incorrect. Most, if not all but a small percentage, fought for their country, their families, and the guy in the foxhole next to him.

That's stretching it.


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2nd January 2006

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#12 12 years ago

Nurenig is a good person and has great knowledge of tactics.

Brilliant at raising morale, keeping orders clean. Identifying threats and assaulting enemy locations.

Best of luck Nurenig.



I didn't make it!

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#13 12 years ago

woot is hamsters?

a big FH clan?

i will join whit 2 friends..


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20th December 2006

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#14 12 years ago

Torenico,hamsters isn´t a clan,it is a FH community site. Si quieres un clan,la mayoría te exigen tener microfono y hablar en inglés. Podrías unirte al nuestro,(hablan ingles) pero no es necesario que hablas,siempre que juegues y que yo haga de intérprete :D Bueno,que si quieres meterte en un clan,acá hay uno. Si estas interesado,me lo dices :)



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6th May 2006

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#15 12 years ago

Nurenig, can you speak french?

eh eh, I guess not ;), too bad, 79th are always looking to welcome new friends

about the "nazi themed" clans

I think FH should be free from any political content

When I joined the 79th (Soviet Command), I was looking for a FH clan, and the 79th was the only french speaking

First I was a little disturbed by the sovietic theme, as on the ally side, there are so many democratic countries

But the Red Army paid the price... USSR get 10 millions civilian casualties, and another 10 million military losses

They fought proud and fierce against the nazi invasion, and I remember only this fact, it has no link with ideology

it's a game, and we don't aprove Staline's crimes nor the communist dictature in any way

German based clans follow the same rules, that's it

This have been discussed a lot, and we all are friends, these proud elite FH clans :cya:

We will not let sick controversy interfere with this nice community


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26th December 2003

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#16 12 years ago

Sadly I dont speak french.


I don't spend enough time here

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17th July 2006

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#17 12 years ago

Panzer a new campaign in FHT Americana is underway and we need some fresh blood. If you got uber 1337 tactical skills, then you may want to apply as an officer in the new campaign in the next 2-3 weeks. This weekend is the final battle of the current campaign, you can sign up for the German side and give it a try at: Forgotten Honor Tournament - Best Forgotten Hope Tournament The second campaign will also feature the German army, so if your a big fan of the Panzer armies, sign up and kick some ass.

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