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#1 13 years ago

Hi, ive been playing FH since its release but i never achtully had a clan to play with. So, im looking for a clan wich use Teamspeak or Ventrilo or even Xfire, The clan should have good Team play and be serius (You can still joke, but taking the matches you play serius :).) I prefer to play Axis but allied will do to. My skills do i mostly have with Infantry weapon, and some flying skills. Im 15 years old. So if you want me in your clan (i doubt it :naughty:) then please email me at [email][email protected][/email] if you want any more information or so.

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#2 13 years ago

If your looking for a fun, team played environment, give a looksie at Forgotten Honor Tournament. Choose your side as either the Allied or Axis armies and fight in organized and realistic, balanced maps in the best Forgotten hope Campaign out there. All you need is Team Speak, a sense of humor and the ability to work in a team and you'll soon be having fun kicking some ass :D Forgotten Honor Tournament - Best Forgotten Hope Tournament

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#3 13 years ago

If you want to join an Axis oriented clan, check out the 130th Panzer Lehr Division at 130th Panzer Lehr Division - Unreal Portal

We're a structured, battalion based organization with Panzer, Grenaidiere, Luftwaffe, Panzer Pioniere, and Sniper battalions. We do both serious and non-serious style gaming, host multiple battalion and Combined Arms trainings a week, and also scrim on a regular basis.:)