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6th November 2004

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#1 16 years ago

We are a very strongly themed axis clan and we work on a real life platoon structure with squads and a very strong emphasis on teamwork. We utilise a realistic depiction of WW2 german medals which can be earns and are displayed in our forums for all to see. We use proper wermacht ranks which are only awarded to people where there is a position to use them. We have a panzer, luftwaffe, infanterie division, artillery and paratroopers. Currently we are looking for only 4 dedicated members for artillery, luftwaffe, paratroopers and panzer. If you want strong teamwork, fun and a dedicated clan then simple visit the folowing URL. We have a full open door policy in our forums and any member is allowed to make suggestions despite our ranking system which we believe is important for members to have satisfaction and be part of our team. I hope to see you on the battlefield.... Sincerely Dietrich CO of LSS