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Hello all, I'm am a long time BF1942 player and used to play in the 21stpnzr clan for a while. When they switched to FH my system couldnt handle it, but now it can for the most part. Anywho I am looking to form a Division in FH, I am already running my clan in 3 different games BFV:PoE, Spearhead, and PA. I own a server box and am going to throw a FH server up, I just would like to know who would either like to help me hands on or help me when ever I get stuck or run into a problem. I know what your saying .."hes just trying to find someone to pay for his server box...", No payments are already setup amoungst a few so money contributers are not a problem. I am also renting out servers, so if you'd like one at a lower price then all those big wig server companys give me a call. So email me or stop by my Ventrilo @ pw voodoo ([email=""][/email]) I am Voodoo in case your wondering, is my current website but Im looking to make my FH my pride and joy.:D |»LoD«|VooDoo|§|¦Çƒ¦


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