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[size=12]WORLD AT WAR[/size]

General Description

World at War is a tournament-style campaign game for Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope mod. Unlike a clan ladder or other online tournament, World at War players will participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and a grand strategy map showing the progress of the war from week to week. Think of it as a cross between a strategy board game and a first-person shooter, where you can immerse yourself in realistic WW2 environments and strategy.

How BFE-World at War works

Players will join an army and be assigned to one of that army's divisions. Each army will have a commanding officer whose job it is to make strategic decisions on where his divisions will fight, and once or twice a week the divisions will fight battles with the opposing army on maps representing the territory being fought for. The progress of the war is displayed on a strategy map where territories change color based on which army controls them. These battles are not just little one hour clan matches. They're full-fledged 32 vs 32 battles, each lasting 12 hours, during which time players may come and go, so that you may play as much or as little as you please. Units coordinate using the WaW TeamSpeak server during battle and plan ahead for each battle in their Division's forum. Ranks are based on merit and commitment. Do your job and you can rise on up and might even get the chance to lead 20 to 30 guys to victory or defeat. Best of all, orders are followed and everyone follows the plan!

Now, if you are interested in playing some real Forgotten Hope, where you can count on the fellow players on your team. Where air/tank/infantry movements are coordinated, where you know why you are attacking a given CP. When you want to get that feeling that you're really 'there'. Then WaW is the right place for you. We have battles every Saturday from noon to midnight Eastern US Time.

[color=red]NEW FEATURES OF WORLD AT WAR!!!!![/color]

- Point System: We have established a comprehensive system that, much like many strategy games, assigns a point value to each piece of equipment on the field of battle. From the No.2 (9pts) to the King Tiger (3086pts) and everything in between. Now, instead of the admins assigning equipment to each side for any given battle; the officers of each side are given an allotment of points which they then spend to purchase equipment for the battle.

And the best part? Using hotfixes for the maps, neither side knows what the other side has purchased for the battle until just minutes before the battle starts!!! This really shows that no plan survives contact with the enemy.

We have now even incorporated a rarity system into the purchase system making sure the rare equipment on each side doesn't become a horde.

- Historical Time Line: As the campaign progresses week to week, so do we move up the time line of World War II. As you move forward in a campaign, more and more equipment will become available as they did in real life.

- Theater Campaign System: We have so many maps in six theatres of operation, that we have decided to break our campaigns up into 6 mini-campaigns; each focusing on one of our theaters of operation for 6 weeks. We are starting with North Africa and then will progress through the Italy, Southeast Asia/Burma, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and finish in the Pacific. Not only does this allow our players to see more of the maps that we have at WAW; it creates a more dynamic command structure with more chances for promotion inside each company or even up to divisional staff officer.

- New Custom Vehicles for FH: Including the Achillies, M18 Hellcat, M16 quad .50cal half-track, Ho-Ni 75mm SPG, 90mm US AA/AT gun, towable/deployable field guns for all sides, 155mm howitzer, 17 pounder field gun, ISU-122, Easy 8, Nashhorn, StuH42, Zis AA, M3 Grant, and Comet.

We currently have over 80 active custom FH maps. And with the new point system, each time you play a map, it will be different from the last time you saw it.

[color=red]FORGOTTEN HOPE 2 AND WORLD AT WAR???[/color]

We love Forgotten Hope. So it is a no brainer that WAW is going to switch over to FH2 just as soon as we get a release. We have been working since before the release of BF2 on how we would transition our tournament to FH2 and the planning continues. So, if you want in on the ground floor and be in a command possition as we start FH2; now is the time to join!

[color=red]HOW DO I JOIN???[/color]

Just go here: [color=blue][/color]

Click on Register and your off. And remember, WAW is 100% FREE. Our main page is currently undergoing a renovation for when we swap over to FH2; so don't worry if it doesn't look great yet. It will. Especially once we get rid of that "Satellite Update" image and get our new flash map done.

If you have any registration problems just go here:


and post up and we'll get you sorted and running inside 24 hours. Even unregistered guests can post here.

-Kommisar, Tournament Chairman