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2nd September 2002

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#111 15 years ago
1SilentShadow1LOL! What squadron/battalion/division are you in lady bob? Well, I mean "will be in".

Back I am! Well got back late afternoon of 18 December, a Thursday. I don't know what my unit will be until I get to the replacement detachment at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. Bah, Alaska. My orders were for Ft. Stewart, Georgia and the 3rd ID, which is being sent to Iraq real shortly. But nope, Ft. Knox commander decided to review everyones contracts and switch their duty stations to whatever that piece of paper said, which for me was originally Alaska (it was my only choice at the time, back in May or June). I don't even know if I'll be fortunate enough to be on Abrams or the shitty Strykers (inside info: the vehicle ain't held in high regards, main problem is the chasis/suspension are horrible). I feel sorry for the guys in Iraq combat testing them :eek: If they ever put playable M1's in the game, holy shit watch out I'll be in gamer heaven! And if it's made realistic it will take some real teamwork to operate. Watching that breechblock whip back inside the turret when the main gun is fired gets the adrenaline pumping! And if ya'll play DC, that mod just doesn't do em justice. Extremely loud boom and a large fiery plume that shoots out the gun tube, and a shockwave that blasts everything! But I'm rambling now.

All I need to do is figure out why stupid AA won't email my new password since it said my account expired while I was in training. I've revived my account, but it won't ever email me my freakin password. Would be nice if AA could not expire accounts of those registered as real world Army members (the star icon next to some people's names). Anyone else have this sort of email problem? I have zoomtown/fuse and my email has been working fine, it's only AA that won't do jack when I give em my email.


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24th May 2003

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#112 15 years ago

well welcome back http://americasarmy.com/intel/fullstory.php?i=1016 did u do everything there?