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10th June 2003

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#11 17 years ago

If you notice that there are a few specific targets that you are consistently missing, practice those in the 40 round practice session standing, and in the second practice session, go to standing and practice more.

If you can't get 29-20/20 in the prone position with some consistency, you need a LOT of practice.

If you miss a target, don't fire at it a second time unless it is one of the two closest targets (on the far left and right). If you fire again, you risk missing again.

I prefer to keep my sights down until I take my shot because I have the breathing rythm memorized AND because I can often line up and make my shot before the sights drift from the breathing. That is practiced aim and speed though.

This is something that I like to do, probably has ZERO bearing on the outcome, but I made a habit of doing it.

There is about a foot or two that you can move closer in the standing portion of the test while inside the fighting position. I know i'm just crazy but its a ritual for me, maybe it brings me the psychological satisfaction that I need. Try it out and see if y'all feel better firing a few feet closer.

Good luck. -LK

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