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2nd January 2005

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#91 15 years ago
MkH^The IL-2 takes damage from MG42! How is this possible? It had around 25mm of armor and could barely be scratched by <40mm FlaK guns, let alone 7.92mm bullets.

Yeah that il-2 is a tank with wings.

My bug: On Seelow the IL-2's pilots arms are to far from where they should be.



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5th October 2004

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#92 15 years ago

There are a couple of issues with Foy. First, hats off to devs; this is a great map except for two things. One, I have seen flag 5 capped by C47 drop, before anything else was capped. This is more of a nuisance than a problem though. The real problem is this map causes a server crash. I've only played it twice but each time the server crashed. The first time the game had been played for quite a bit before it bit the dust. The second time it occurred right after the allies capped flag 5 out of sequence. Not sure if that was what made it happen but that's when it puked. I hope you guys (devs) get to the bottom of this because this map is just intense. I cranked my SB7:1 surround sound up full blast and was just INTO this map. I love the wide open spaces, the ambient sounds, everything about it. I also enjoyed the second push map that followed; again an outstanding job. I expect that as more & more people report this issues, it'll be addressed with a quick fix. Hope so!


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26th December 2003

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#93 15 years ago

On Arnhem, if you go towards the rear artillery icon you come to the facade of a building. If you go around the back, you come to a strange looking building that you can walk through! There's a perfect little street back there, except you can kill yourself if you walk too far in a direction and come in contact with a real building. I'll get screenshots up as soon as I can. Here we go...

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9th December 2003

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#94 15 years ago

Uhm isn't that street suposed to be open since 0.65 or am i missing something? Havent checked it in 0.67 but it was open in 0.65/0.66 and would be a bit "dumb" to out back an old 0.6 bug in. Are you sure you are not playing an old FH install? Again havent played arnhem in 0.67 yet so i dont know for sure.