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29th April 2004

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#221 15 years ago

This has probably been mentioned, but meh...

Firing the PIAT from the PIAT carrier blows up your vehicle.

A 76.2mm AP shell from a T-34/76 does not kill a Tiger from the rear in a single shot. IRL, it could do that at around 1,200 meters. Should be fixed to at least make it a clean second shot kill.


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10th April 2005

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#222 15 years ago
'LIGHTNING [NL']That particular bush has been fixed in 0.7.

heh, I just always figured it was a badass thornbush, and going through it was like hitting barbed wire.

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1st May 2005

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#223 15 years ago

...or at least I haven't figured out how. When a pilot is occupying the Betty, it's not possible to get in. Pilot has to switch to another position to allow crew to enter. Likewise it's not possible to fly-by pickups of crew--this makes the Ohka on Iwo Jima nearly unusable.

This is for G4M sitting on airfield in Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima maps; there seems to be another entry-related bug with the Betty in Midway and Wake.