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28th December 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Was playing The Storm as soviet a couple hours ago and something "interesting" happend: The battle went from one end to the other of the map, flags were capped and recapped, so far nothing unusual but it didn't last long... After being nearly trapped at the eastern 2nd defence line flag the Axis team managed to recap the airfield while that last flag was falling. The spawnrape festival started and i decided to rush in on the flag in order to stop it as fast as possible and end that map, i then stood in flag range with my T34 for a while, more and more soviet infantry coming to the flag too but that damn thing didn't turn white! We were maybe 6 or 7 soviets on that last axis flag for several minutes and it just didn't want to turn white... some Axis players couldn't select it as spawnpoint either although most could. Well, you can guess the rest: despite calls from both sides to hold fire and change flag in order to continue, a few kept spawnraping just for the score, oh yeah they can be proud of their ├╝ber1337 score while the opposite players were just slaughtered on spawn (great fun... madx.gif)