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26th January 2001

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#101 19 years ago

Perhaps, a God of Telekenesis; who would be able to control minds of enemies in a certain radius for an ammounted period of time.

A God of Radiation, uses nuclear substances to render enemies useless, or have special spells to mutate his own set of creatures with more abilities and strengths.

A God of The NetherRealm, uses bizzarre, distorted beings, making Charnell's forces seem "nice" in a way.

God of the Abyss, opens up gaping holes in the earth and sky, sucking enemies into a void with a powerful spell of no return destroying the souls of the creature.

God of Shadow, uses "ninja" like creatures who place a great emphesis on speed, quickness, stealth and ranged weapons.

Or maybe we dont even need more Gods, chances are we wont get a patch that includes another God episode lol. Also whats the point of this if your game crashes 50% of the time and you cant play?? Please take a look at my "Incredible Crash Problem" listed under TroubleShooting.

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19th December 2000

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#102 19 years ago

I like the idea of a phycic god,Wat about a Astral god He could have Meteor as his First Spell and Meteor Shower as a bombardment spell.

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25th December 2000

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#103 19 years ago

Sorry to bring this ancient thread back up but i think that the Bill Gates god would be unbalanced. With the destructive power of spells like General protection fault, blue screen of death and lag spike...it would simply be too much! saevil.gif

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27th December 2000

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#104 19 years ago

I didn't read through all 102 posts, and no one will probably see this, but what about a god of Light/Dark. That would be cool.



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14th January 2001

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#105 19 years ago

Two quick strings; 1) the gods didn't die in sacrifice, just "stopped inspiring faith" becuase they lacked altars. Build new altars and the gods come back.

2)new gods would need to maintain an odd number, and fit in the current circle of gods. I propose:

a-God of Peace b/t James and Persephone (obvious intersection) b-God of Prosperity b/t stratos and pyro (the intersection of industry and knowledge, as industry can also lead to ruin) c-God of Conflict or War b/t Persephone and Charnel d-(tough one) God of Insanity, or suspicion, or the abyss/emptyness/nihlism (hehe, god of nihlism). Ideally this god should be the intersection of stratos and Charnel, be the opposite of prosperity and the intersection between peace and war (as prosperity is b/t peace and war also, peace can be prosperous, war can be prosperous).

Rearrange the seats a bit, and then don't add anything b/t James and Pyro to keep an odd number to create the good unstable power balance. Each god would have two secondary allies, four minor oppositions and two major oppositions if everything worked out right. Charnel allies with nothingness and war/conflict, is minorly opposed to stratos and Persephone, and James and Pyro, and is firmly opposed to Peace and prosperity. Persephony is allied with peace and war, minorly opposed to James and Charnel, and prosperity and Stratos and is bitterly opposed to nihlism/nothingness and Pyro.

Way to much work for an expansion, but fun to think about anyway.