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14th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hi im a noobie in this forum anyway wuts the difference between version 1.50 and 1.60 plz tell me if this was already posted then srry but reply plz


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11th December 2002

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#2 17 years ago

there are alot of things that i have noticed. 1:New map (radio tower) 2:Improved network code for better ping/less lag 3:New game code for improved gameplay 4:Alot of bug fixes, but some still remain 5:Bullet riqochet 6:Now able to shoot through doors 7:AAO folder searched for illegal/modified files

there are probibly more things than that but those are the only big things that i have noticed :):naughty:


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3rd January 2003

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#3 17 years ago

Here is the 1.6 reed me

========== What's new ==========

//New map - "Radio Tower."

//New engine - New codebase, version 2110 of Unreal engine. - Improved Performance - Improved Network Code - Improve Audio Code - Improved Overall Stability - Old armyops.ini is automatically renamed to armyops.old.ini - This is necessary for compliance with new code

//New features - Bullet penetration! Bullets will penetrate through some objects. - Bullet ricochet! Bullets will sometimes ricochet off of most surfaces. - Bullets that penetrate or ricochet will do less damage. - Different sounds/effects/decals for ricochets and penetration

- Added fatigue timer/limit to jumping

- Added Spam control to messaging system

//Cosmetic - Bullet decals appear on StaticMeshes (complex world geometry) - Bullet decals appear on doors - This can seriously affect framerate, settings can be changed. - Bullet decal settings (Settings->Video Settings->Decals)

- New texture detail options (Settings->Video Settings->Advanced)

- Added climbing sounds to ladders

//New UI - New Load Screen - New server leasing icons for Homelan and SCI added to server browser. - Army retired group icon

- Password edit control now added on Server Browser page

//Security - New Security Protocol - Beginning with version 1.6, Official servers will check the integrity of the game installation of all connecting clients. The game will issue a warning to any users who are detected with corrupted, altered or augmented installations of the game. In the event of corrupted files, players will be directed to a utility that will attempt to repair their game installation. You MUST use this utility to restore your system files, or uninstall and reinstall the game completely. The number of warnings issued to each player will be logged, and once multiple warnings for non-compliance have been issued, accounts may be disabled.

=============== New for servers ===============

//New settings - InitialWarmupTime server setting. - Set this to allow server to server to pause before very first round of game (use for map rotation). - AGP_GameTeam->bNeverAutobalance flag - Allows uneven teams (even 0 size teams) - All server settings have been moved to one heading in the .ini file - Comments for valid server settings have been added to the .ini file

//Logging - Log files (for stats) - Log files (for stats) - Logs player class and role at start of round, and score at end of round

============== What's changed ==============

//Cosmetic - New footstep sounds for concrete and carpet - Sound radius for fire sounds increased - Sound radii for many other sounds tweaked - Quiet sounds are no longer audible from far away - Better EAX support

- Tweaked lighting on static and skeletal meshes

- Update animations, fixed some issues with hands crashing through each other - Updated ak74-gp30 1st person weapon model.

- Minor adjustments to several shell ejection positions - Shells replaced by Shell Emitters - no difference should be noticeable

//Gameplay - Guns will no longer jam on the first few shots - Flashbang will no longer blind you through walls - Flashbang effect will dampen if either flashbang or victim are outdoors - Changed ear ringing effect of grenades - Players who kill their leaders will be the last to be promoted - Frag Grenade Aiming: When you pull the pin, the line between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your index finger is now aligned with the middle of the screen.

//MetaGame - Honor affects role/class assignment to a much greater degree - Votekick reason is now mandatory - Idle check disabled temporarily if you are TK'd at spawn - Removed 10 point ROE penalty for suicide - Adjustments to ROE kick timer - Language filter is on by default - Removed filtering of the word "camper" - Devkick will no longer kick a non-dev who issues the command

//Improvements - Updated ping code - Improved relevancy checks for leaning and prone players - Removed connect timeout during level loads - Adjusted parachute landing fall (PLF) for improved game balance. - Players only need to flare as they near the ground

//Level specific - HQ Raid: Removed grenades - Pipeline: Radius for Objective sounds reduced - Pipeline: More CommVolumes in the Main Pump Room. - Pipeline: Mirror in the bathroom is now "broken" - Mirrors were broken in the code drop. Will be back in a future release.

//Server - Min/Max honor added to command post server settings (in default.ini) - Admin Command Post now reads the list of editable server settings from the ini file (server side)

============ What's fixed ============

//Gameplay issues - Detached 1st person weapon bug appears to be fixed. - Removed phantom grenade explosions at center of map - Grenades explode properly after death - Fixed pickups near objectives - Fixed player ID near objectives - Objectives no longer block bullets/grenades - Server no longer crashes when kicking multiple players at once - Various sprinting issues related to zooming are fixed - Autoswap from grenade will work when jumping (swaps when you land) - Prone turning/moving problems - Fixed issues with team balancing - MILES grenades no longer lag server

//Cosmetic issues - OpFor versions of M24/M82 no longer show friendly mesh after supported - OpFor version of GP30 (M203) drops a shell on reload - OpFor in MILES maps no longer speak "OpForeign" - Third person attachments at incorrect orientations - GP30/M203 attachments show up correctly for friendly/enemy - M203 grenade shell ejection position fixed. - Weapon lowering animation bug - Jerky movement animations for other players - Invisible players when you first join - Night Vision Fog issues - "Broken wrist" bug fixed - Tracer Auras (Nicknamed Aurora Borealis) should no longer show up in game. - Fixed issues with camera when going prone - Fixed missed footstep sounds on terrain - Fixed issues with NVG's showing up too dark - Corona visibility issues - Fixed parachutes appearing in plane when teammates land. - Projector (shadow) artifacts on terrain

//MetaGame issues - Fixed issues with idle kick - Fixed grenade death messages - Fixed Unreal engine security vulnerabilities - Fixed several issues with the language filter - Fixed problem with parental control settings and sniper rifles - Fixed going into Main Menu while Authorizing

//Removed exploits - No longer able to use binocs and NVG at same time - Removed rolling exploit in Rifle Range

//Training levels - Fixed target issues in US Weapons map.

//Level specific - River Basin: The ladders on the HEMTT’s are fixed - Tunnel: Fixed activation issues on objective door

============ Known Issues ============ - SAW occasionally does not play “lock & load” sound on round start. - A few minor inconsistencies with lighting on static meshes in localized areas. - A few minor issues of camera clipping into terrain in specific locations while prone. - Players and corpses occasionally clipping into the floor. - Occasional inconsistencies with dynamic lighting during weapon fire. - Various small, cosmetic issues... - Players occasionally unable to go prone after parachute landing - Jittering when tagged out in MILES


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#4 17 years ago

Why not find out 4 urself??? :D Download it NOW! :rock: