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30th November 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hi folks,

I've found a nasty bug in FHX 0.61.2, as I tried to some "ultimate battles" against the AI (tickets: 1000%; ratio 10:1):

Bots simply ignore burning tanks (tanks with less than 1% energy). That means that you are for example sitting in a burning Tiger tank at the streets of Arnheim and the whole british army will pass, without taking any notice of you're existence.

By the way the ignore you, even if you start fireing at them. So you can win kurks easily, if you drive with a tank to one of the flag points, let the russians shot on it until it burns and then you have a lot of time to kill all the russians until you are out of ammo (I've reached over 1600 kills ;) ).

Or you can place a bot in a tank, drive to a flag point and damage the tank until it burns and the bot will hold the flag for ever because the enemies ignore him.

Another thing is that you can "block" russian tanks if you shot them until they burn at their spawn points and then they are useless for the bots (the bots enter the tanks, but can not drive away).

I think this results of some AI routines of BF Vanilla, because in BF Vanilla the Bots can ignore bruning tanks, because they will blow after a few seconds, but this is FH not BF Vanilla.

Another thing I've noticed is that infantrie seems to avoid buildings, so it's easy to hold the sawmill at kursk if you hide inside - no russian soldier will distub you (but I am not ansolutely sure about that).