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2nd January 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hello all! I am modding one of the best starfighter combat sims ever made, Freespace 2. However I am adding things that normal wouldn't go in such as robots and whole fleets from other games, movies, tv shows, and even ANIME!

I have various other projects that focus on ONE particular universe (ie Star Trek, Gundam ect..) But the BIG project is combining the best of the best of all the mods into one uber mod that follows my fanfiction starting with the SDF-3 and how tampering by a dark force changes history, and thus a starship version of "sliders" is born! Can the SDF-3 get back to their home dimension before the Invid war is over? Will they even survive? What enemies and allies will they make in the meantime?

YOU help determine the fate of the Multi-verse as darkness closes in on all of creation and ancient prophesis come to pass... I don't want to say more unless you are firmly committed to the team (we need our secrets you know!)

ok enough pimping! I need help, if ANYONE had 3d computer modling skills and had the time/interest I still need many models created from scratch OR existing meshes that need work (as I am not a molder).

Once the source code team perfects teh cut scene code users canmake their own mini movies and I intend onmaking some LIVE action and in costume scenes on the bridges of starships/stations and planets. Of course Voice actors for in game action will be needed for all sorts of roles so if you want your voice in a game HERE is your chance! Keep in mind this can only happen as a FAN mod otherwise copyright infringment will then apply and this will NOT be allowed to happen so no money can ever change hands and ther can be no compensation for those that participate other than credit and bragging rights.

The game is Free and downloadable from Home OF the Underdogs as is all the modding tools needed (like Truespace3.2 or gmax ect..)

To see screenshots of my progress go HERE

To contact me DIRECTLY email is [email][/email] or ONLINE Yahoo s/n: Getter_Robo_G_2004