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#1 10 years ago

Hello, my first post here, before all compliments to all the staff, this 2.0 is the greatest WW2 game ever.

Well, i've played as antitank one hour at Sidi Rezegh, noticed that the antitank rifle with one shot blows the lightweight tanks, with 3-4 shots blows up a medium tank....

But often, the four crosshair hits dont appear, i aim at the back of a tank from 10 meters so the shot is 100% at the target but no hit detection, retried at a tank spamming while stopping but 4-5 shots dont detect the target and no apparently damage to the tank.

One clanmate have the same bug yesterday on hslan server, someone else report the same bug ?

Thank you


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#2 10 years ago

Its not a bug, AT rifle just can't penetrate most armor.


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#3 10 years ago

Yes anti-tank rifles are supost to suck. My advise is treat them like the plague, and wait for bazzokiers and panzer shreks too come.