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20th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hi everyone! After our first recruitment period being being finished, we, Europes craziest clan, are now recruiting again. We are a clan: - With a great atmosphere for experienced as well as learning players. - With our own AAo and Teamspeak server, of course :cool: - a nice website - that is actively engaged in clanfights (once a weak or more). - is has just registered on TWL - with currently 7 members fighting together on the battlefields. - that has existed since 25'th of oktober 2003 - with our fucking shit together. Did that just sound interresting? Well, then paint me red and call me charlie! Or.. you could just contact me (Sarup - the friendly neighborhood recruiter) via the following means: *************** Msn: [email=""][/email] Icq: 110040465 Yahoo messenger: sarup4now Email: [email=""][/email] Our Forums on: *************** We are looking for players in all classes - from almost newbies to experienced owners. Honor means nothing to us, as you will be put through a test-battle to test your skills. Hope to hear from ya'! - {CaP}Sarup+