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20th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

******Chaos and Panic****** Do you have what it takes to become a {CaP}-member?!? We are currently looking for a few new members willing to have fun and fight some battles with us! The concept of the {CaP}-clan is brotherhood. We are a very “tight” clan, and believe that through discipline and training we can be the best. We have just recently entered tournaments/ladders, and are now in the process of fighting our way to the top. Because we only want serious inquiries, we have sat some below mentioned criteria. These criteria ensure us that you are the kind of person we’re looking for, and that we are the kind of clan that you are searching for: Here’s what we require:

  • This is a European clan therefore all members should come from Europe. (time offset troubles)
  • Europe is a culturally and lingually diversed continent - all members are required to respect the differences between the teammates. All members are also required to know the language referred to as "English"! (at a level making communication with others possible)
  • There are no limits as to your age, sex, background, religion etc. when your joining the Clan is concerned. We do however only want fairly mature individuals in our clan.´
  • Before joining the clan you should be ready to download and install both MSN-messenger and Teamspeak.

Here’s what we are searching for: Commanding Officer: We are actively search for a new C.O. (commanding officer). Your role in the clan will be to participate in general “desktop” work in the clan, being allowed into[color=black] aspects of decision making and helping new members. You will in fact be the 2nd command. You will be the strong leader when the others are not around. If you have any experience with matching roles from other clans, it’s great – if you don’t then that’s ok. Then we’ll just see how it goes.[/color] [color=black]1st Sergeant:[/color][color=black]This role involves being a specialist and really doing a lot for the clan with your skill. Being a specialist has responsibilities that will be connected with skills. A non-specialist first sergeant should look after new recruits ie. help them etc. As a 1st Sergeant you are supposed to train them too. Maybe not train but give them advice of some kind… With this rank you will be allowed into small areas of decision-making. Examples of skills needed for this role: Web designing skills, Server knowledge and everything “special” that you could have to contribute to the clan. [/color] [color=black]General Member:[/color] [color=black]Not looking for any real responsibilities, but just wanting to have fun? Great! Then we’ve got a space for you too! As a general member, your rank will at first be “Recruit”, and then later on “Private”. As a general member your only responsibility is to have fun, to train/fight with all the other members of the clan while taking care for the clan’s appearance.[/color] [color=black]- Sarup[/color] [color=black]MSN: [email=""][/email][/color] MaiL: [email=""][/email] icq: 110040465