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10th January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

You could make vital contributions to our large international guild, DEAD PRESIDENTS. Subclans within Dead Presidents Guild are set up for: those under 21 America's Army Battlefield 1942 Counterstrike/Half-Life/T-F Ghost Recon Global Operations Jedi Knight II MechWarrior 4 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Quake Return to Castle Wolfenstein Soldier of Fortune II Tribes Tribes 2 Unreal Tournament 2003 Urban Terror Warcraft 3 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Why join multiple clans when you can enjoy just one! International membership, multi-ladder competitions, your own email address, your own uniform*, medals for actions*, and many other benefits of joining a large and prestigious guild.

Feel free to stop by and sign up! Leave a note in our recruiting section.

* Currently for RTCW only