Does creating a game engine consume the majority of a game project? -1 reply

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1st October 2006

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[COLOR=royalblue] :cya: Simplicity in itself is quite thought of as a lost reality, now where did I read that at ???:feedback: and in answer to a question that should never have one, it depends solely upon the game ? is it a first person shooter, adventure, role playing, space simulation, driving ??? Oh those who are so brave to ask, yet so quiet to list "DETAILS!!!" OMG it does help if everyone does details when asking something !!! :moon: [/COLOR] Some engines require less time and budget to create because of nodules created for game play, each area made for the game is created by a team *note to self I did say team* of specialists that have expertise on such matters, such as maps....graphic design is within a given area...and rarely do advanced programmers step into that area except to provide support *note to self I said support* because the engine or .exe program may just knit every aspect of the graphics together, and that in itself isn't a task that takes like forever, contrary to popular misconceptions...OMG I sooo love college, <<<'there is usually no correct answer to this question' and I may not of quoted this correctly either but I read at just a glance...sooo if you plan on writing your own game, you first must start with an outline of specifics on what will this game do ? who will play it ? what purpose does it serve ? will others play it ? is it worth the time and effort to make ? and why did I come up with this idea ?? It helps to read previous programmers, individual and team effort, in order to better understand the how's and why's first so that we can understand the do's of creating a game engine....:bows: and yes I do like Faulkner