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9th May 2003

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#1 15 years ago

We are looking for members to supplement our current rosters. We ar in TWL/OGL/CAL and need members to fill some spots open on these rosters. We are a multi-gaming clan. The games we currently compete in and need recruits for are RTCW, BF1942, Raven Shield, Enemy Territory, UT2k3, Quake III, and Wolf Tactics. If you feel you would like to know more about this or may want to join feel free to log on to http://www.claneve.com and post in the recruitment forums of the game you are interested in or send myself an email at [email]tom@lantechserv.com[/email].

Here's a list of our servers currently being ran. RTCW Servers ]eVe['s Domination OSP ]eVe['s HeadShot Server

Wolf Tactics Servers ]eVe['s Wolf Tactics

Enemy Territory Server ]eVe['s Enemy Territory

Battlefield 1942 Servers ]eVe['s Battlefield #1 ]eVe['s Battlefield #2

Raven Shield Servers ]eVe['s Raven Shield #1 ]eVe['s Raven Shield #2

TeamSpeak Server