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30th October 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Thats right! Gaminghost is rolling out their official sponsorship program! We will be giving full sponsorship to one team (clan) for each game we host.

Each team will recieve 2 servers. One is to remain public at all times and the other may be set private for match use etc.

There are a few specific requirements that must be met by sponsored teams.

1. Your clan must have a fully functioning web site (sites are to be approved by GH during the selection process).

2. Each page of your site will have an approved gaminghost banner at the top.

3. Your clan will be required to provide 2 communtiy admins (18 years or older) to assist with

Thats it! This is a great opportunity, so dont let it pass you or your clan by!

Send your information (clan leaders only please) including your clan website url and all other pertinent info to [email][/email]