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21st February 2004

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#1 17 years ago

Just bougt my son the gamecube, we tried the gameboy attchement, and it doesnt seem to work. We tried 2 gameboy games, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Jimmy Nutron. Can anyone help and tell me how this works?



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23rd April 2003

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#2 17 years ago

I'm not sure what you want with the connection, because there are multiple types of it. If you want the gameboy games shown on your tv i think you'll need the gameboy player. The link cable only connects the GBA with the GC for bonus things.



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15th July 2003

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#3 17 years ago

how hard is it to play gameboy games on cube? all you do is follow the instructions on the box, idiot since you need specific help

1. gameboy player, big thing that screws on to the bottom of the cube 2. gameboy game 3. insert gameboy game into player attached to cube 4. pull out included gameboy player starter disc for the cube, and insert into cube 5. shut lid to gamecube 6. press power button

holy crap, now you can play gameboy games!!1one one

do not remove a game without first selecting the "remove game" option from the menu you get by pressing z on your cube controller

the end.