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#1 15 years ago

Q: I heard of a system called Dolphin being created by Nintendo, what's that all about? A: The Dolphin was a Code Name for the Gamecube. Nintendo kept very "Hush-Hush" about the Dolphin until May 12'th, 1999, One day before the E3 convention held in Los Angeles. Nintendo announced its Codename, specs, and partners.

I was browsing the FAQ and noticed this, i wondered if you should add the reason why it was called the dolphin (because the chipset was called flipper)

Q: Will the Gamecube be able to play Standard DVD movies? A: No, the gamecube will not be able to play Standard DVD movies, however, a Panasonic/Nintendo hybrid is avalible only through online order.

Maybe make it say that the hybrid is only available in japan, but can be ordered online ?

sorry if it seems rude or out of place, i just thought it would be clarified better for people who may have questions on those