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4th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I finally got one of these suckers and they are BADD to the bone lol. I absolutely despised playing my other GBA in the dark because I hated putting that magnifier light thing on that hurt my eyes like heck. Buying the SP was worth it to me because I love the light and it is better to have a pro install the light for you then buying a light kit for the gba and ruining yours anyway adding up to 120 dollars in GBA lol. BY the way I have a platinum sp...

To those that have the system... When you have the light on (when you need it in the dark) if you turn it certain ways can you see dark lines (about 3/4's of an inch apart) when you move it to and fro? I think this is normal because of the reflective lens thingy but I am just wondering to be on the safe side.


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23rd December 2003

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#2 17 years ago

i disagree. a wormlight will do you good and it dosent hurt my eyes. besides the feel of the gba sp in your hands is less comfortable than a norm gba.:withstupid: