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19th August 2002

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#21 16 years ago

Name one game that hasn't had bugs with it when it first came out? At least this one has some relatively stable bugs to it, maybe I've been lucky, but I have yet to see it crash, and it isn't causing any problems on my system. It is FAR smoother than some other games I have played in the past. Patches happen, it is a part of PC gaming.

The game is beautifully made, the army made good use of the engine. I can't think of any other FSP (with the possible exception on UT 2003) that look better (of course UT 2003 isn't really out yet). Tracers look outstanding, terrain and textures are nice, and shadows and lighting work great. (That, and I could swear I've been in exercises in some of these places).

The game play is wonderful. I love the ability to cook off grenades (and have found it very helpful... except for the first time I tossed a flash bang, and didn't know they have a 3 second fuse as opposed to a 5...). Weapon jams are a nice (and deadly) feature. I like the realism of it, your gunner can’t go running full steam emptying 200 rounds out of a SAW and expect to hit anything. And the training requirements are an interesting feature in it. You have to work to achieve things; it isn’t all handed to you.

Also, think about the fact that we are basically playing a game by a company that is new to the industry. How many other games have you seen made by the army? Didn't think so. On top of that, only being able to play as US Army is brilliant. While I’m not saying that you are messed up in the head, I think that the idea of wanting to be the terrorists and killing American forces is, at least, unpatriotic. Sure sure, Sept. 11 and all, that’s not what I’m talking about. You are playing a game that is supposed to create a semblance of what the US army is like, you shouldn’t get the chance to kill them. At the very least, did you ever hear of people complaining that they could play the terrorists in the Rainbow Six games?

Lastly, you are playing a game that you downloaded for FREE. This, I think more than anything else is the deciding factor. You didn't pay a single dime for it. Complaints can be made when you shell out $50 on a buggy bit of software you can't get to play. You should accept it a little more when you are given something. One would think that a bit of gratitude would be in order. BTW, any arguments about 'Our Tax Dollars' is simply pointless. Considering that to develop this game straight out of taxpayers pockets would cost something like that dime mentioned earlier per person in the US, I don't see much point in the argument. Also, the majority of gamers out there are under the age of 18 and don't pay taxes anyway. This is military recruiting money that would have been spent military recruiting in another way anyway. Be happy it was made to produce this


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18th June 2002

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#22 16 years ago

Ok, this has all been said, but I'll summarize my opinion.

This game encourages camping. If you don't want to be out of the game in 32 secs, then you have to find a good hiding spot, and kill all those people who are stupid enough to be running around. I played for a little, i enjoyed training, but then I got to multiplayer. In RTCW we always complain about these campers, and now we support them. It is a fun game, but if they added in reinforcments it would be much much better.