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30th November 2008

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#1 10 years ago

I thought it would be nice and useful to make a thread dedicated to graphic errors only. So people who see something strange can check this thread first before opening a new thread.

Several of these are quite common, others I only encountered recently.

1) screen021pl4.jpg

1) This one is the most common I think: legs glitching through a wall. It looks stupid, but I think it's BF2 engine related and cannot be fixed. The legs can't be hit this way, luckily.

2) screen024km3.jpg

2) Also BF2 engine related I think. The bushes on the ground seem to "rise" one after the other when driving a tank. This goes for the smaller, 2d bushes (brownish/orange ones in this screenie). There's three visible: the rightmost is the closest, and therefore has completed his "rise" the leftmost is the furthest away and has only started to "rise" just now.

3) screen022za3.jpgscreen018eu1.jpg

3) Two shots with examples of the same problem, which I only saw recently ingame: the wheels on a Crusader appear white in a certain angle. When the Crusader turned, the white was gone. It looks ugly and I don't know where it came from. I haven't seen it on other tanks (yet).

4) screen015tm4.jpg

4) Look at the broken palmtree and the smoke column behind it. The background doesn't match the smoke. It looks like something maybe not fixable, but I hope it is.

For the record: I run FH2 with the highest settings possible.