Has anyone got DirectX 8 to work? -1 reply

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4th December 2000

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#1 18 years ago

Okay, here's my deal, I've had a LOT of Sacrifice problems.

Right now I'm playing the game with no mana or health bars and some disappearing terrain.

When I started, I was getting a pattern of screwed up textures all over the sky and ground. Eventually, I got to the point where I was crashing constantly.

Then, I eventually got everything working. Uninstalled DX8, put DX7 back on, and completely reinstalled both Sacrifice and my video card (Voodoo PCI 5500). I forget which drivers it was....

Now THIS is what is annoying me, and if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE help. I got Mechwarrior 4. Mechwarrior 4 NEEDS directx8. So, if I want to be able to play Mechwarrior, I need DX8, which gives me the manabar and healtbar/disappearing terrain error in Sacrifice!!!!

Is shiny going to fix DX8 Support or has anyone found a way to make DX8 work with Voodoo 5500? (No, I don't have geometry assist, so don't ask)


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28th November 2000

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#2 18 years ago

Well, I tested a Voodoo5 here under DX8 without any problems in Sacrifice. Make sure you are running the game in 16bit color, and try disabling fogging and triangle strips. If you still have problems, go into dxdiag and disable AGP support on that card. If the problem persists, post your dxdiag info here.

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#3 18 years ago

I get the same disappearing textures on the ground error with DirectX 8. I don't have to worry about the AGP support because the Voodoo2 frown.gif I use for Sacrifice is PCI. I have triangles disabled, and fogging makes no difference.

It's just as if the game decides not to draw the textures on the ground from 50 feet away from my character to about 75 ft away (and places the sky texture in the place of the ground). This means that I can't discern hills from flat ground in that space because I can see straight through them.

My Computer- PII 350 128 MB RAM 8 MB ATI 3D rage pro 12 MB Voodoo2 PCI (newest drivers from 3Dfx) DirectX 8 -Not great, I know, but the game runs fine except for the odd missing ground textures.

How can I revert back to DX 7.0a, to see if DX8 is causing all my probs?