I can't see scene movies in MSG for PC -1 reply

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10th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello also if later finally I bought a copy of MGS for PC on eBay! I installed it without problems and all works fine, but soon I noticed that the intro movie of the VR missions doesn't appear. I heard all the sounds and voices but it displayed a green and black lines rectangular like interlaced movies. Anyway I completed the missions without problems having not care of it, because the main game intro that was not in a video format but made with the game engine itself worked really fine and I hoped that all the game movies were made the same way. Sadly after fighting Revolver Ocelot I was degusting the following great scene when suddenly it switched to the same video mode of VR missions with the same problem, no video only listening the audio. I am really disappointed of this and now I don't want to continue playing because don't want to lose other important and beautiful scenes from the great story of the game. Anyone knows of this problem and how to solve it? Yours, giocamoto a MSG fan!:stallard: p.s.: If you need informations on my system fell free to ask me, but I think I will post them later on the forum