I know what the Honor Requirement for SF is. -1 reply

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29th September 2003

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#91 16 years ago

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As Far as i'm concerened, as long as you can pass the training to get into SF, your in and thats it. As far as HONOR campers go, it sure does happen.

Maybe the next time AA comes out with thier next version, the could put in a auto camper kick feature that boots you when your inacitve for a period of time. This would at least keep the people moving in this game. After all this is a game of battle and strategy, not hide and suck your thumb.

I'm in this game to have fun............ I get my butt kicked.......But , I also get my chance to kick some butt, thats what makes this game FUN :rock: :rock: :dance: Practice makes a better game.......Let's all have fun people... :) :cheers:

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1st March 2003

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#92 16 years ago

Nah, I didn't mean that. I mean it should be started higher, because after seeing how easily I could raise my honor, it's easy to see how easily people are able to join SF, which I belive should be more elite, like 25 or 30.....


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31st August 2003

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#93 16 years ago

I have Looked at the honor points of players that have got honor of 50 and can't make expert in shooting.I seen players that come into SF that has 40 and above and shoot up all kinds of friendlies, then blame the noobs for there stupity and thats BS.

It take alot of time to get honor points unless you go to some maps and get on a good team, that has players with good reflexes and your points will add up, That Dosen't mean you are great it means you where lucky to be on that team at that time. I played 4 hours and got one lousy point because the other team kicked our butts.and they had noobs on their team also.

So guit patting yourself on the back for haveing alot of honor points because you have hours of playing time because you don't haft to work after school, or you are layed off work or got fired because of the damn game to start with.


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25th May 2003

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#94 16 years ago

Honor points' only purpose is to seperate the experienced players from the newbies to the game. Honor points have nothing to do with skill, as I have seen some 12 honor guys pwn my ass, and I have 47 honor. Sharkmeat, don't be offensive toward everyone with higher honor than you. Most people do not pat themselves on the back for having a lot of honor points, but they do play harder to get better, and by doing so, gain more honor points in the process. Sharkmeat please consider what you're going to post before it's posted.


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13th October 2002

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#95 16 years ago


Yeah I have a low honor of 20. I don't play this game alot and tend to mess around a little and get some ROE. But I have some skill at this game. I can own some people with higher honor than me. But they are more experienced and do play maps more, and honor shows that these people have played the game and they do know what there doing when playing.