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5th January 2003

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Interview with [DEV]Abraxas.......... Courtesy of!!!... ...and of course ME for putting it here!!! :lol:

I got 10 questions for ya today! All answers will be put up on! Hooah to your baby girl. I like her picture in the prison (Sorry I got over 400 ROE)

MS: Tell us more about Test5 and why is it there?

[DEV]Abraxas: It is there due to the fact that we accidentally left the screenshot in the build. This was a map that we were testing with the beta team. There is not further info that I am willing to offer on this right now.

MS: ETA for Soldiers was around February and nobody has heard anything about it. Can we expect it anytime soon?

[DEV]Abraxas: There have been some changes on the Soldiers side of things, but it is not my place to divulge them. When the Army feels the time is appropriate, I'm sure they'll make an announcement.

MS: Will we see a stamina feature for running after a long time? Perhaps the sprint slows down?

[DEV]Abraxas: We are working on a stamina feature at the moment. It is a part of the changes we are making for the medical portion of the game.

MS: What do you hope to implement for E3?

[DEV]Abraxas: Currently, we are focusing on basic functionality for the new interface, as well as medical training, Special Forces, and Stryker brigade. The goal is to have demonstrable features from each of these elements ready for the show.

MS: What type of maps do you have planned for the near future?

[DEV]Abraxas: Currently, we are working on a couple of maps based on reference material of mud-walled villages in Afghanistan. These maps will likely be close quarter combat maps, and include activities for Special Forces, Stryker Brigade, and Medical personnel.

MS: How is your baby girl doing?

[DEV]Abraxas: She's great...she'll be 10 weeks old tonight. Her AI subroutines are all starting to come on-line. I think her rendering algorithms are pretty complete now, and she's moving on to pattern recognition and path finding. Of course, I'm sure collision detection isn't far behind, which has me a little concerned...but we'll keep plenty of medkits on hand.

MS: What features does the new code allow you to implement?

[DEV]Abraxas: We've already merged in the Impersonator lip-sync software, which will allow character's mouths to move and faces to be animated. At some point we'll be adding in the Karma engine. It also lets us completely revamp the interface, and I'd also really like to see player shadows get into the game. With the next couple of maps, we're going to take a more traditional approach to the level design and see if we can really push the detail a bit. Additionally, we're starting to look at new training maps that will increase the degree of complexity and interaction that is portrayed in the game. We've gotten some rudimentary AI working now, and we'll continue to develop that as well. Overall, we're happy that the code merge is finished, as we can now get on with other things.

MS: What was the deal with the $2 download? Many members in the community were angry about it. Will this happen again?

[DEV]Abraxas: For information regarding this, please read this post on the official America's Army forum:

MS: When will we have iron sites with the M203?

[DEV]Abraxas: When we can figure out a good way to accurately portray and use them in the game, I suppose.

MS: What is the most drastic feature change planned for AA?

[DEV]Abraxas: Hard to say at the moment. We are always making new additions to the game, and we hope to do so for a long time. We'll just have to wait and see.

MS: Hey thanks a lot man...btw, I love 1.6...Though I got some weird bug on IC one time where my teammates looked like taliban 230 ROE for that!

[DEV]Abraxas: If you can provide me with steps to recreate, I'll get this fixed. Thank you for participating in this interview :)

Well, there it is! :D ~~~azzkiker