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30th November 2000

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#1 18 years ago

Oh, I didn't read the the very last post.. ^^

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7th November 2000

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#2 18 years ago

C130's RPG map has been updated (this would be the third version of it) and a bunch of fixes were added (like the conversations coming up more than once) plus a few minor things were enhanced too.

It's still got the exact same quests and looks the same, but just a couple of fixes and tiny little updates were added which I felt would make the map have more like an RPG (like for instance if you attack/kill Peasants in the village, don't expect the guardians of the village to just stand around and let you slaughter everyone without trying to stop you this time).

I don't know if/when he's going to release this new version I sent him soon or anything (he might still find things he wants to change) but I just wanted to keep you informed that a new version HAS been completed and was sent to him by myself 20 minutes ago. (And sorry, but no, I can't release it to you guys right now because theoretically, this isn't my map, because all I did was exterminate some bugs. wink.gif)

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12th December 2000

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#3 18 years ago

I must say that looks like one hell of a level. I'm not sure how it plays because well those Dell dumb****s managed to screw up my CD-ROM. I should be able to play it by wednesday. From looking at the triigers and level in scapex it looks good. One problem i have is your complete order of the buildings and such. If oy uever notice in real life, buildings are in random places, and such. I may clean that up for my own ejoymen (i wont release it IF i do). Otehr than that it looks good.

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