KAR98 Jumping bug! -1 reply

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23rd March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Ok in know this isnt a technical bug but it still is a bug if you view it from this perspective. This mod is a realism mod and ts goals it to be as realistic as possible. That beeing said I will post however if you do not feel this needs to be in this section please move it. Anyways back to the matter at hand. While playing online with a few fellow members (we were on ventrillo as well) some1 was bitching about some1 else jumping. I thought about it for a minute and started doing it myself because I noticed something. I noticed that I could jump/crouch and fire upon landing. Ok that doesnt sound like a problem but after I landed I noticed I had full or near full accuracy and basicly I could hop while reloading land have full accuracy again and jump again and could countinue to do so. My suggestion to fix this unrealistic problem is to make the kar98 somewhat less accurate while moving crouched. Also it would be nice if there were a stamina bar for jump so it would also demote consistent jumping and bunny hopping if its possible. If you jump you losse stamina. You lose stamina you lose overall running speed (depending on how much stamina you have) and it will decrease how high you can jump. I Would like to add other things but it would be off topic for this forum


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8th March 2004

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#2 16 years ago

IDK about you but my expierences with rifles have proven that hitting the dirt enables me to get a crack shot off at a human sized target and hit a sweet spot IRL. I used a .22 calibre long barrel semi automatic rifle that weighs 15 pounds. We where doing target practice on a farm and we decided to try strafing shots. Well those wern't working fine but then I had the idea to see what would happen if I where to run at the target, drop, and fire. 5 head shots, some to the face, several chest shots and 3 groin shots.These are instant shots because the concept here is point and shoot and guarantee a hit because the rifle is heavily embraced by the body and the ground keeping it steady. I've been shooting for over 2 years now. When we moved to the 7.62 mm it was somewhat more difficult because of the heavy recoil, and the fact that you had to lug the gun which weighed around 20 pounds up with you and steady it while getting up. Then while running keep your balance while throwing the bolt to load another round. But still while the majority of my hits where chest aera and lower torso, its a 7.62 mm round thats designed to stop somthing. EDIT: Also IDK but I think the hadrenaline rush alone would be enough to get my ass into gear while being shot at and do some weird stuff. PPL have lifted things off of family members that weigh a ton or so because of hadrenaline. When ones life is in danger and your heart gets that boost, theres no stopping it.