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28th March 2003

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#1 18 years ago

I downloaded 1.6 and am trying to set up a LAN game. I've tried using the latest version of HAOM and when I start AA, I can see the lan game, but when I try to connect to it it comes up with an error message saying "Failed Authorization: This server is not registered as an authorized server."

I've tried running the server on two different machines and they both give the same message. I've also tried using AAservutil and starting the server from the command prompt using the server lan and all that stuff and they all give me the same message. What am I missing here?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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14th January 2003

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#2 18 years ago

No gaurantees but I think the answer is here. I got this from the online manual at I haven't tried this so if it doesn't work you can't have a refund. Sorry, that's the rules. Anyway a friend of mine had the same problem and I believe he changed this line here--

bRequireAuthorization=False (Verify players with authentication server - true for authorized servers)

I copied the whole thing just in case you were curious as to where it came from. Hope this helps. Here is how it reads.

To begin a locally-hosted game:

Edit RunServer.bat to change the map name and run RunServer.bat. or Run server.exe lan MAPNAME.aao (to host a LAN game). or Run server.exe global MAPNAME.aao (to host a public game).

The file created when running server.exe is a clone of defarmyops.ini and contains information which is not relevant to running a server. For optimum performance, you can open this file using a text editor and make the following changes, filling in as appropriate for your server:

CacheSizeMegs=32 (Recommended to set this to half of your total system RAM) ServerActors=IpDrv.UdpBeacon (Gamespy uplink - comment out for LAN games) ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerQuery (Gamespy uplink - comment out for LAN games) ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900 DoUplink=True (Gamespy uplink - comment out for LAN games) ConfiguredInternetSpeed=10000 (Server bandwidth in bytes/sec) ServerName=Your Servers Name (Your server's name) ShortName=Your Servers Short Name (Your server's short name) AdminName=Your Name (Your name) AdminEmail=Your email address (Your e-mail address) Region=0 (Your region) ServerRegion=0 (Your server region) AdminPassword=password (Your administrator password) MaxSpectators=0 (Maximum number of allowed Spectators) MaxPlayers=21 (Maximum number of allowed players) MaxAdmins=1 (Maximum number of allowed administrators) bLocalLog=False (Old Unreal stats information - set to false) bWorldLog=False (Configured Internet Speed - set to false) ForceGameplay=FORCE_Normal (choose FORCE_Normal, Force_None , FORCE_Miles) bRequireAuthorization=False (Verify players with authentication server - true for authorized servers) bMPCheatsEnabled=False (Turns off multiplayer cheats - on enables them) MinHonor=10 (Sets the minimum honor to join the server) MaxHonor=100 (Sets the maximum honor to join the server) FFScoreLimit=200 (Total ROE points before a player is kicked from the server) MaxTeamSize=10 (Maximum number of players per team) bPlayersBalanceTeams=False (Auto-balance teams disabled; true enables) bAutoBalanceBetweenRounds=False (Auto-balance teams disabled; true enables) bSpectatePlayersOnly=False (Disables scenic viewpoint spectate if set to true) bSpectateFriendsOnly=True (Allows player to view from OPFOR if set to false) bKickIdlePlayersTimed=false (Turns on idle kicking of players on time limit) bKickIdleSpectators=false (Turns on kicking of idle players who are spectating) bKickIdlePlayersRounds=false (Turns to kick off idle players) IdlePlayerKickTime=2 (Minutes before an idle players is kicked) IdlePlayerKickRounds=2 (Rounds before an idle player is kicked) RoundsPerMatch=7 (The number of rounds per match) MatchesBeforeCycle=1 (The number of matches before cycling maps if enabled) bCycleMaps=False (Turns on map rotation when set to true)

For more information, see the FAQ section “Server Information