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Wild west mod of RTCW

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23rd April 2003

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#1 13 years ago

Gday Mate , .Lock up your daughters hooked me in .:nodding: top stuff id love to have the accses to mapping programes , Iam not to old to learn ..My mate just made a map for the RTCW mod WILD WEST..He picked it up in a few nights..It is 2 1860 steam trains running on 2 seperate tracks. deatail is awsome ,we the cowboys vs the banditos.Plant dino on a stack of timber on the roof of a caridge..Shoot from train to train , trow nades there both going same way..So cool...:smokin: .blow it and use 1860 weapons.. musket sniper, miner, docter use a elixier to heal..We use 1860 repating henry riffles. a volley gun.a hand cranked gatling gun ,twin colt revolvers.mint:cool: iam in ore of you mappers and mod makers .. taken nearly a year to bring out the new WILD WEST 1.6 . been beta tested..go public real soon ..Give yourself a pat on the back mate WD :bows:

If you own a copy of RTCW ..give 1.5 or the new 1.6 a go .. all set in the WILD WEST1860 weapons are cool .. the doctor can through a molative cocktail of medical alchohol...great to see them screaming on fire...15$ in USA rtcw :deal: ..Keep up the cool mapping mate :bows: Ian cheers :beer:

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29th November 2003

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#2 13 years ago

DEADEYE (Ian), please do not revive four-year-old threads; their activity has long since died and been forgotten.