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4th November 2002

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#1 18 years ago

Here is my opinion on the different consoles, remember, this is just my opinion. I've played all 3 consoles, so don't give me that "you don't know what you are talking about" crap.

Gamecube: Pretty good games, inexpensive, can hook up with GBA, good graphics (Luigi's Mansion? I rest my case), controller size and layout great. If you hate it, hook up your GBA.

Xbox: Microsoft: Good OSes, bad video game systems. Average to bad graphics, though varies by game, hunkin huge hard plastic controller that feels like you are pushing buttons on wood. Bad layout of buttons. High end for nothing.

PS2: Decent layout of buttons. Too many buttons, can get shoulder buttons mixed up. Decent-Good graphics, gets bad on some TVs.

Overall, what do you look for when you want a game console? I want just that, a game console. That's why I'd choose a Gamecube. The PS2 is nice to have handy if you want a DVD player as if you got Gamecube and a DVD player it would come to about the same price or higher..Xbox is NOT worth the money, ESPECIALLY if you want it for the DVD playing. There is no difference between a DVD player, a PS2's DVD playing feature, and Xbox's. That's all for now.


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11th July 2002

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#2 18 years ago

im not gunna say anything else about you not liking ps2 because obviously you hate ps2/xbox and love gamecube and ill respect that maybe you should respect the fact not everyone like the same stuff you like and plz im asking i dont hate you or anything so stop calling me cloud gay or anything else

and the ff series is no longer exlusive to ps2

yes it is they have 1 game coming for the cube and 3 for the playstation 1 of them just got released (final fantasy origins) and 2 on the way (ff10-2 ff11) they will probably continue to make games for both consol because there is more money to be made that way because square enix/square soft knows that people like you who hate ps2 arnt gunna get a chance to play there product on that system so they will bring it over to another one so they can make more money


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12th March 2003

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#3 18 years ago

im sorry i dont hate ps2, i was in a bad mood in the last week ( you probaly noticed) any way do think ff is coming to xbox, i hopr not, i think ps2 should get thr realistic ff, and gcube should get the whimiscal, more cartoonish ones.


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27th February 2003

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#4 18 years ago

well ff 11 (if it ever gets released) is coming to ps2 . its already in japan but for some reason they are having a hard time porting it over. that and the online connector is extremely hard to find in most places. (but thats the prob with every system ) even xbox who even though its built in isnt having a lo t of support. but then that has to deal with the fact that alll 3 systems only have a few games that support online cappabilities.