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28th September 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Here are a few newbe Q’s I have to ask.

Q’s.#1 I have just bought the game and Strategy guide (I have a 56k) and have found the game very cool. However it seems like this is almost a multiplayer only game, other than the very first training missions and parachute jumps. Ok so let me get this strait, for missions like “Infantry Training” the guide reads as if it’s a single player mission, but in the game it is multiplayer!? How is this missions coordinated? Yes the leader is supposed to, but in the games iv been in I haven’t seen much orders passed over the line. Another thing, some levels that I try to join wont let me in because im not authorized for that map. How do I get authorization? So plz explain to me how this game. :-)

Q.#2 For some reason after a few minutes (about 5 matches) playing on a server the game crashes to the main screen and I have to rejoin. This is happening its seems every time I play multiplayer. Is there a fix?

Q.#3 I was going to download the 1.6 patch when suddenly my jaw fell as I saw the size of the download. :-( 86 megs!!!!!!!!! Holy %$#@! Your kidding?!?! And that isn’t even an “official” 1.6! I got to download the entire 1.6 game to get the official 1.6 which is 375 megs or so *cry*. Anyway, if you got to make downloads that BIG shouldn’t they say you MUST have a broadband connection for this game? My parents will never let me tie up my phone line for 17 1/5 hours. And that posses a problem because there is only a few severs that are for v1.3 and I cant even play Infantry training cuz there are no servers on for that map! So what do I do?!

Well, I would VERY much appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks for your time! Sry so much Q’s!


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10th February 2003

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#2 17 years ago

go to a recruiter and get a copy form them....or order one from here


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5th November 2002

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#3 17 years ago

If you have the willing and patience and really want to update the game without a trip to recruiters then use a download manager in order to do say a cuople of hours a night yes it takes a while but you can get an updated version that way.

Don't rely on the strategy guide too much it says the things it should and not the reality as squad leader is not a trained role and anyone can assume it often people who have no idea what they r doing occupy that role and would get everyone killed where as a group of experienced players will work together with a few commands such as letting people know where the enemy is located and their own position so that they dont get shot at.

A map like mountain pass requires more coordination then say bridge does and so you need more communication.

Another helpful peace of advice is to practice your weapons like the saw a lot so that you can be good in the actual game, there are guides on the internet try the military sim website for good guides to weapon usade and maps.

Hope this helps.