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19th June 2003

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#81 17 years ago

of cousras but the nOObs should read this fourm oh well! :)


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8th August 2002

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#82 17 years ago

Well at least the Spamers do. Which really wouldn't make it spam I guess. But I AM A NINTENDO GEEK. acctually i changed my mind, i am a nintendo nerd.


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26th January 2003

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#83 17 years ago
Originally posted by Mattalorian Oh, God forbid, an English teacher j/k j/k :D Well if u r dr piky then im then im dr spellswrongalot and DaRkMage is dr badgrammer'nspelling (no offense DaRk)

oh dude, i didnt even see this b4, wow, that burns....wuts the big damn deal...its slang (semi slang:lookaround: )neways ummm erhm... I DONT HAVE BAD GRAMMMER :mad:

and also, lmao, rhino ur not that far away from being a n00b either :p so dont mock them until u get outta thier region :P