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10th September 2004

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#21 13 years ago
Dutchhero;4151482maybe it has a higher explosion, Im not sure about that but easier usage? no sorry, have to fully disagree on that usually the tank has driven away by the team I place it[/quote] Well, by the time I have prepared the sticky grenade, the tank has usually driven away as well and I end up chasing it across the desert with right mouse button pushed... I guess the sticky bomb is useful for ambushes, where you can throw it on the passing armor, but for tanks staying in one place covering the infantry, the german explosives are better IMO. In the end it just boils down to personal preference. [quote=Mokusaku;4153165]I'm just aiming in the middle of rear armor and it registers hit everytime BUT I'm not sure about Pz3 as most time tanks I've had luck to kill are Pz4 (F1-2). Maybe Pz3 has thicker rear armor than Pz4. :confused: On the other hand with Panzerb├╝chse it seems hard to kill anything but ATGs and light vehicles.

Maybe I haven't even tried it on pz4, have to test it then. If its only 4 shots, I imagine it can actually be dangerous.