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14th December 2004

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#161 16 years ago

I have noticed 2 bugs with the following tanks. Tiger Tank. The gun sight for the 88mm is off center and isn't aligned properly, This makes it pretty much impossible to shoot consitantly at long range. Crusader III You can shoot your own tank with the 6 pounder if you depress the gun to its lowest angle and shoot over the front corner of your tank.


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5th October 2003

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#162 16 years ago

The front MG on the Betty bomber doesn't reload once the first clip has been expended. The first clip fires just fine; I think its 60 or 100 rounds, something like that. After those bullets have been expended, the camera continues to shake as if the gun is firing, but no bullets come out and it never reloads itself. This was present in .65 as well.