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4th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I've noticed ping time increases of around .05 of a second to the servers since .67a, that's on top of the increase of .66. Which did come down a little over time. In .66 I used to play around 220 -250 ms, now it's 280 to over 300. (these are constant averages) It was tough competing at over 200, but now its almost unplayable. What needs to occur to allow more international players a better chance to play?on WOLF, jUDE-net, MyOrk, 9thInfantry, WAW, Dead Meat, these are the servers I've been playing(usually named riesler) with the over 40 players a game, which is the only way to play this mod. Is this problem for me going to increase with the next release too? It's the only game I play and I feel like I'm being pinged out of it. [3.2gp4, asusp4p800e delux, 1gpc3200, ati x800vivo,broadband cable internet-unlimited download]